A history of quality Italian shoes with roots in the past

We’re committed to using only the finest materials in our shoes’ construction: interesting textures, surprising prints, and leather from the finest tanneries in the world. The result is a shoe that’s as easy on your feet as it is on the eyes.

  • Quality

    We believe thatquality comes before quantity. Using the best natural Italian leathers and selecting the best materials that have always been used in the traditional and internal production process, we guarantee an Italian shoe to wear thousands of times.

  • Comfort

    Never forgetting that "shoes are made for walking". They are the most complex part of clothing, which must fit perfectly and support a woman's posture and health. For this reason, for more than 80 years we have been testing each model carefully, doing dozens of tests for each model and wearing the shoes ourselves. The practicality of a shoe is as important as its design.

  • Design

    Modern shoes with a recognizable style. Finding inspiration in theclassics and historical modelswe make our interpretation to createcontemporary models. Every detail is designed to make them distinctive and unique.

  • Zero Kilometer

    We are among the few brands in the world with our own production center, a unique advantage that gives us the ability tocontrol the entire productionchain and avoid waste. We produce “at kilometer 0”, having design and production in the same building.